Internatinal Conference 2010 Proceedings

01-  A Simple Method for Differentiation between Mobility Control and Water Shut-off Agents

02- A Walk-through Parallel Computation Techniques

03-  Agrobacterium- mediated Transformation of Tomato

04-  An Ecosystematic study on the Legumes of Dilling area

05- An Outlook into the Negative Environmental Effects of Jongle

06-  Application of the static cone penetration test

07-  Assessment of the Protection Level

08-  Biological Treatment

09-  Capillary electrophoresis Methods for Analysis

10-  Corrosion Treatment of High TAN Crude  Case of Fula crude, Sudan

11- Damage mechanism of expansive soils

12-  Effect of a radiant cooling panel system

13-  Effect of conventional energy on climate change

14-  Effect of  Duration and Methods of Storage on Efficacy of Neem Seeds

15-  Effect of IDAID and PEM on Cognitive Ability

16-  Effect of Rock Texture on Slope Stability

17-  EMF from mobiles in Khartoum Area

18-  Feasibility of Small Hydropower in Gezira and Managil canals

19-   Foundations on Expansive Soils Sudan Experience 

20-  Generalized newton law_Arbab

21-  Granular Fertiliser Application Rate Control

22-  Hybrid Parameterization for NURBS-xx

23-  Introduction of GIS to Surveying Applications in White Nile State

24-  Investigation of EthanolGasoline Blends

25-  Life History and Biology of some Cyclops of Sudan

26-  Life history of the blowfly Chrysomya putoria

27-  Low Cost Housing Researches 

28-  Management of Evaporation Losses of Gasoline

29-  Mathematical Modeling of Arterial stenosis

30-  Media-type evaporative cooling for power augmentation at Garri power station

31-  Molecular identification of sand flies

32-  Oil & gas eng. education

33-  Predicting the Impact of Intercity Transportational Connections on Spatial Environmental Noise Pollution in Greater Khartoum  in 2009

34-  Prediction of Blue Nile Profile Using Artificial Intelligence Technique

35-  Production of L-sorbose from D-sorbitol by Gluconobacter oxydans isolates

36-  Reviving Wadi Halfa - A Tale of Three Cities

37-  Study of Restartability of GNPOC Crude Oil Pipeline- Rheology Analysis

38- The Delusive Blackout Distance of Power Reserve Margin

39-    The Use of Natural Ceramics Molding in Investment Casting

40-  Webbased application to detect palindromes in DNA

41-  Wild and domestic mammals in Leishmania transmission

42-    البحث العلمي في صناعة النفط

43-  التحضر في الدول النامية

44-  برمجة الحاسوب  باستخدام اللغة العربية

45-  تحسين كفاءة استخدامات الطاقة  في قطاع إنتاج النفط والغاز الطبيعي

46-  صناعة الخرائط في السودان الماضي و الحاضر و المستقبل